It's difficult to begin and maintain a meditation practice.

The benefits are well-documented and include less stress, better sleep, and more clarity and creativity.

The problem is, even if we know meditation is good for us, most of us just don't do it.

Being still can be a challenge. Filtering the noise can feel impossible.

But how wonderful it would be to get past the chatter, to get clear on what matters to us, and to live with meaning and purpose.

Guided meditation is a companion for the journey.

This simple set of meditations was developed to help you establish a daily practice.

The first is a short morning meditation developed to focus your mind and begin the day with clarity.

The second, refresh with rest, was designed to replenish afternoon energy.

The intention of the third meditation is to help you settle into sleep at bedtime or in the middle of the night.

Use them in the way the works best for you, and experience the benefits of meditation firsthand.

About Jen Wilking

Jen is an experienced yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and physical therapist. Guided meditation is central to her practice and teaching. With a soothing voice and gentle spirit, her meditations will help you filter the noise, turn inward, and live from the inside out. Jen's teaching is informed by the teachings of Richard Miller and the iRest Institute.

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Guided Meditations for Daily Practice

Meditations for clarity, rest, & sleep