Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to the course!

The breath is the foundation, our starting point. It's the first and last thing we do on this earth. Breathing is automatic; we breathe whether we're thinking about it or not. And also, we can control it, and by doing so, we can influence things like our mood, pain level, and digestive function.

In this course, you'll learn how to use your breath to decrease stress and transform the systems of your body. Along the way, we'll bust some common and unhelpful myths that I think you'll be quite happy to release.

We'll begin with the structure and function of breathing. From there, we'll optimize alignment and coordination. We'll experiment with cues, imagery, and yoga transitions so that you can experience and integrate the concepts. Knowledge for the sake of knowing can be fun, but when we apply it, feel it, and use it, that's where the powerful transformations happen.

My name is Jen Wilking. I'm a physical therapist and yoga therapist. I teach yoga that blends philosophy, physical postures, breathing, and meditation.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure!